Crystal Fighters – At Home (Passion Pit remix)

I’ve been ill today. I blame McDonalds. I know it’s easy and somewhat trendy to blame the woes of the world on evil corporate megaliths like Ronald and the gang. But the equation was quite simple, I ate a Quarter Pounder, then 3 hours later I chundered. Not good. I’d reveal the full details of the chundering to our eager readers (Hi Tom & Tim), but I’m not sure you’d appreciate it. Let’s just say there was a lot of vomit and a lot of people present. Not good.

The aforementioned incident bears no relation to this blogpost. I’ve thought long and hard (4 secs) to find some sort of tenuous link to somehow fit Crystal Fighters to either vomit or McDonalds but thankfully none was found. Unless of course… no, no… don’t go there…

So, Crystal Fighters. Ah yes, genius.

Their second, and presently untitled, album is due out next year but in advance of that they’re releasing a rehashed version of their debut album Star Of Love which is a whole bunch of remixes. Not a bad line up eh?

At Home – Passion Pit remix
In The Summer – Brookes Brothers Remix
Xtatic Truth – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix
At Home – Dislosure remix
In The Summer – Sepalcure remix
Plage – Lapalux remix
Follow – Roksonix remix
At Home – Pony Pony Run Run remix
I Love London – Delta Heavy remix
In The Summer – dBridge remix
Follow – Diskjokke remix
Swallow – Angger Dimas remix
Swallow – FuntCase remix
Follow – D/R/U/G/S remix
Plage – Alvaro remix

The first release from that star-studded collection is At Home remixed by Passion Pit.

Get Star Of Love by Crystal Fighters on Vinyl from Amazon or on CD from Amazon. Also get it on MP3 from iTunes