Hey Sholay – My Blood

September 11, 2012

We have a minor rodent infestation at SGTMT HQ. Pesky little blighters. Though, save your sympathy, you see ultimately it will be sad for them not me. I’ll let them have their play in the sun, they can enjoy the leftover crumbs from Tom’s rusk biscuits and the half munched remains of Tim’s Go-Ahead bars (fatsos on a diet). But let it be known across the blogosphere, indeed let all of the interwebs hear my proclamation: MICE IN MY KITCHEN, YOU WILL DIE. The traps are waiting, sprung and ready to go. It may take a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks but eventually the traps will crush your tiny spines. CRUSH. SPINES. DEATH.

By the way, has anyone seen my special medication? Not taken it in a few days. *Takes deep breathe* *Pretends not to see the spinning red goats in front of my eyes*

Rightho, back to the tunes.

Hey Sholay are the best thing since swift and effective rodent control. They’ve been firm favourites of team SGTMT for a while but much like Usain Bolt on an illegal programme of performance enhancing steroids, they’ve stepped up their game with their latest release My Blood.

If you’ve not heard of Hey Sholay before then, well, what’s wrong with you? Seriously, you need your head checked by one of those Psycho babble people. You’re clearly mental.

Back from the quack? Ok, let me enlighten you: Hey Sholay are five-piece group of musicians, filmmakers and artists from Sheffield and Leeds, who play a breed of psychedelic independent pop with a hint of the Northern Lights captured in a jam jar. They have been described as imperious masters of the contemporary anthemic chorus, with bright vibrant tunes and a beat guaranteed to make you tap your toes (can you tell I cut and pasted that entire paragraph from their press blurb?)

Anyways, their debut album Burning hits the shops in November, we’re already concocting a review. In the meantime listen to My Blood.

Though Hey Sholay’s debut album Burning doesn’t go physical till November, you can get it on the iTunes now.
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One Comment

  1. Ephraim Zimbalist says:

    You are me, aren’t you? I obviously wander semicomatose downstairs in the middle of the night and write your pieces. I have never, ever come across anything that is so much in tune (geddit?) with what I would want to write. Of course, if we actually met in person (whichever of you is the one writing this today, I can’t be doing with fiddling small details) we would a) be horrified and b) exchange polite small talk when it became obvious that ours is purely an internet relationship. Sad but true, that’s me without you.

    And look, I do respect the musicians you write about. Sometimes, I even listen to their stuff.