ON AN ON – Ghosts

We’re preparing for a final summer party in the SGTMT HQ. The gazebo is ready, we’re stocking the fridge with ham salad sandwiches (you know those little ones you get at parties cut into unfeasibly small triangles? Yeah, those ones), we’ve bulk ordered two hundred packs of jaffa cakes and the ginger beer is ready to flow.

Most importantly for any party of course is the playlist. Get this wrong and the party will dive. One unfortunate selection and you could ruin your party and destroy every friendship you ever made. This is serious people. So, we’ve compiled a handy list of ‘Late Summer Party Playlist Creation Tips’;

1. Don’t just put your MP3 player onto shuffle. We all know why this is bad. What happens when it skips to that Busted album you secretly own? Even worse, what happens when it hunts down your ‘Voice Memos’? Bad.

2. Don’t include any Radiohead. I know, I know; big statement. We love Radiohead but if they appear at your party it’ll trigger a never-ending and ultimately pointless discussion about Radiohead’s greatest ever album. On one side you’ll have all the people that like the early stuff and think OK Computer was the start of a slippery slope (you’ll want to punch them). On the other side you’ll have all the people who think Radiohead are at their best when they’re pushing creativity to the fringes of sanity. They’ll convince you to play The King of Limbs on loop for 4 hours until the early morning (you’ll want to punch them too).

3. No Cancer Bats. You’ll make people cry and hide in cupboards.

4. No Status Quo. You’ll make people cry and hide in cupboards.

5. No U2. You’ll make people cry and hide in cupboards.

6. Don’t just play Hypem’s popular list. You’ll think that makes you’ll all hipster but then you’ll realise half of it is utter dross (The Kooks are presently at no.5 ).

7. Everyone likes French House. They won’t know why but they’ll like it.

8. You’ll think it will be funny to put Elton John on, it won’t be.

9. Your back catalogue of rare Armenian Electronica won’t impress anyone.

10. Finish the evening with ON AN ON. I’ll explain why in a minute.

ON AN ON are just about to take over the planet. Forget Romney vs Obama, before you know it ON AN ON will rule the world. They’ll achieve it by being the last song to be played at every party / gathering / evening of light entertainment. They have that unique ‘Sun-setter’ quality so beloved by people who like to listen to music with their eyes closed.

We know almost nothing about them. This is their first release. To date they’ve played no gigs and were only formed over the last few months from the remnants of Scattered Trees (seriously).

Ghosts, Love it: