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Sub Focus – Tidal Wave (featuring Alpines)

August 22, 2012

Well, here’s definitive proof that SGTMT are leading the way. We’re running things. We’re all up in it and all over it. All kinds of all over it. We’re so all over it that you kind of have to nudge us out of the way to even get a peek at it. Serious.

Just over a week ago we told the world to pay attention to the seriously talented Alpines. Sitting in his subterranean studio drum n bass superstar Sub Focus leapt up, called his agent and yelled down the phone “SGTMT tell me Alpines is where it’s at! Get me Alpines! Get me themmm!” before hanging up without saying goodbye, like they do in the movies.

Long story short, they hooked up, and here’s the result; Tidal Wave. Be advised, it’s big:

BBC Radio 1′s Zipper Zane Lowe has also been reading SGTMT, as he’s made Tidal Wave his ‘Hottest Record In The World’ this week. Good lad.

Buy Alpines previous release Empire on CD from Amazon or on MP3 from iTunes. Buy Sub Focus on CD from Amazon or on MP3 from iTunes.
Sub Focus on Spambook, and his official site. Alpines on Spambook and their official site.
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One Comment

  1. Ephraim Zimbalist says:

    This is STILL making me laugh, days after I first read it. The gift that keeps on giving. Oh, we need more stuff like this and fewer redtop papers. Or anthrax. Or bilharzia. Or Nick Clegg.