We don’t talk enough about: Wildcat! Wildcat!

Wildcat! Wilcat! are three chaps from Los Angeles. They were formed in… blah, blah, yadda, yadda… What we really want to talk about is this: THE GUARDIAN LOVES SGTMT. Seriously, why waste time with anything else? We’re famous, you’re not, not even slightly. We rule and will soon conquer the known universe. Ha. We’re the best. THE GUARDIAN said so.

I can talk about this all day. WE’RE FAMOUS. Actually, I will talk about it all day. Guys, you remember that time when we were in The Guardian? Remember that? Yep, look here it is: FAME. SGTMT RULES OK.

I honestly don’t think we talk enough about how great we are. But, putting our glorious fame aside briefly, we also don’t talk enough about the mighty Wildcat! Wildcat!. We discovered them courtesy of the ace Loose L!ps blog. So far they’ve only got a few tunes out on the interwaves but we very much like their pop-indie-electro-harmonic stylings.

Enjoy Mr. Quiche:

Released just last month The Chief: