Keep an eye on… Sunrom

Something is happening in the jet stream. The BBC weather people told me and they’re never wrong. Never. It’s moving north which means less rain, more sun. I’ll sue if it doesn’t happen, they told me.

To celebrate I’m sitting on the SGTMT balcony wearing Bermuda shorts, Timmy Mallet shades and sipping the finest real ale that Tesco express have to offer. Now, I’ll be straight with y’all, this is a matter of faith at the moment, it’s still cold and the sky presently looks like the inner workings of Alan Shearer’s brain (dull and grey). BUT the BBC weather types TOLD me. I believe.

To urge in the sun I’ve turned to French music, French chillwave to be exact.

Sunrom is a French producer who I’ve today discovered on the interwebs and who is making life better. Sunrom is Romain Nouhi from Paris. His SoundCloud hosts a fest of treats, go check it.

Summer evenings sound like this: Space Heroine:

Sunrom’s latest release is Le Sable: