Summer Camp – City

A friend of mine shared a gag on twitter. It went something like this; ‘UK to trial new streamlined seasons: Winter and Hot Winter’. Ha, that’s funny. Funny like accidentally removing one of your eyes during a pencil sharpening accident, but then realising it looks like a pretty and colourful pickled onion. Ha, funny.

What would be FUNNY was if summer ACTUALLY STARTED. RAGE. The mistake us English types make in this instance is to do one of two things; we either get morbidly depressive and reflect on how EVERY English summer is the same, pitiful and bland (like our own moods). Or, we start clutching at straws. Tiny, teeny, puny straws. For example, we scour those fanciful month ahead weather forecasts (which have as much likelihood of occurring as my brother managing to recite the alphabet without getting stumped by the order of the letters ‘n’ & ‘m’) or we start wearing summer clothes and sunglasses even on dim, wet June afternoons.

I’m the sort of guy that wears sunglasses and shorts basically permanently between March and Sept (the clutching at straws guy). So, in the most pointless way, I’ve clutched the closest summertime straw – a band with SUMMER in the title – Summer Camp. There, I said it, it feels like summer is returning already. *slaps on the factor 40*

Anyways, Summer Camp are back with one of those tunes everyone will go balmy about. Totally loopy with glee, you just watch. Why? Well, it’s good. Check it:

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