Top 3 Of 2012

Kids, get this; we’re nearly half-way through 2012. Eek. To celebrate this occasion we had a great idea (kinda). We thought, hows about we convince our pals over at The Hype Machine and BBC Radio 6Music to do one of those hip ‘n’ trendy Zeitgeist wottamajigs. We’re full of great ideas us. So, here it is. (they’ll pretend it was actually their idea BUT we thought of it first, honest boss. We might not have, like, told them but still…)

The writers of SGTMT (except Luke, cos we didn’t ask him, I forgot) have deliberated, cogitated, mulled over and argued till the cows went home, did their milking thing and then went back to grass munching. We squabbled, made up, squabbled some more and then finally agreed (if you call me overruling the others as agreeing) on the following.

So, without further ado (or pointless gibbering), here goes our TOP 3 OF 2012 (in no particular order):


Just over 6 months old and hailing from Minneapolis, Yank Land. Poliça are on the rise. Find out yourself by purchasing (on the iTunes) their debut album Give You The Ghost.

We saw them live and said:

It is Channy Leaneagh who makes them so irresistible. Her charismatic presence, the way she personifies her band’s sound, the way she switches between yearning and vicious at the flick of a switch. She’s quite something and with three other talented guys on stage (they say a band is only as good as their drummer, Poliça seem to have two excellent replies to that) they’re going to take some beating.



Also known as 22-year-old Louisa Rose Allen from Southampton. The future of UK pop, that is if she can match or exceed the splendid debut EP Warrior (buy it on iTunes).

We said:

Listen to that and all this talk of her taking her place at the Top Table of Pop alongside Adele and Florence, perhaps even replacing them, is pretty reasonable.


∆ (Alt-J)

Hailing from Leeds, these chaps have been around since 2007 but have only just released debut album An Awesome Wave (buy it on iTunes). Don’t get confused by the name, Alt-J are soon to scale the heights of indie glory.

A few weeks back we said (just wait for the outstanding quality of this amateur journalism):

Ooooo, wait, hold on team. This is, y’know, super good


Close but no cigar: HAIM, PS I Love You, Bear Driver, Tourist, Camp America, Jessie Ware and tonnes more.

Loads of better blogs than this will also be picking their top 3 this week. Listen to 6music on Sunday evening as they go through the top 25 tunes.