Lenzman – How Did I Let U Go

June 14, 2012

According to our straw poll, the number of people thoroughly enjoying the Euro 2012 Feast of Football vastly outnumber those who aren’t feeling it.

It helps that it’s not dragging on for too long, in and out in a quick-as-a-flash three weeks and two days. It definitely helps that there are no vuvuzelas. Of course it also helps that the Beautiful Game is the finest game ever invented. (You can tell which camp we’re in).

As England supporters, we want our team to do well, but our enjoyment of the tournament often increases once they’ve been knocked out. The tension is all gone and we can start properly enjoying the football. Euro 2008 was such a joy mainly because England didn’t qualify at all. And because everyone hadn’t gotten bored of Spain yet.

One person who was firmly in the former camp but has seen their enjoyment of the tournament drop off a cliff is Dutch drum n bass producer Lenzman. The poor chap’s team have plummeted from one of the favourites to win the cup, to a team facing an early shock exit at the first hurdle. (Sample tweet: “I’m switching my phone off till the end of the Euros, speak to you all then…“)

Luckily, he’s gotten these two tunes released before the crushing disappointment set in, otherwise he’d never have made anything as lovely as How Did I Let U Go with soulful vocals from Riya:

Wonderful. The other side is great too, and still full of optimism. This is Wordsworth:

Chin up, Lenzman. There’s still hope!

How Did I Let U Go / Wordsworth is out now on Metalheadz. Keep an eye on Lenzman and send him sympathetic messages on Facebook.

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