Keep an eye on… Savages

Did you know there is a Barbie movie? Yep. It’s as terrible as you’d imagine. Actually, it’s worse. Normally it’s easy to invoke a stream of eager contempt for such cultural atrocities but it’s so bad I’m stunned into disbelief. I feel ill. Sadly my daughters are lapping it up. They’ll grow out of it. They’ll grow out of it. They’ll grow out of it…

Four girls who I’d suggest have gone beyond the Barbie stage are Savages. Or at least they’ve taken their Barbies and removed the sparkly dresses and ridiculous snowboard outfits and dressed them in Siouxsie and the Banshees Punk garb.

Savages are from London and are, like, super new. Their first gig was as recent as January this year and they’ve only released one single to date featuring the excellent Husbands and Flying to Berlin.

If they can exceed, or even just match, the brilliance of Husbands then Savages will own 2012. Seriously, they’re gonna OWN it. Everyone else can put down the instruments, vacate the recording studios, empty the gig venues and just watch and admire as Savages takeover the music scene first and then the entire planet after that. Don’t worry Spanish banks, Greek politicians, English footballers; your problems are over, Savages have arrived (too much hype?).