Melody’s Echo Chamber – Crystallized

May 14, 2012

This morning I almost posted 500 words of pure rage about a dog called Pudsey. The post was going to be called ‘Britain’s Got Mental Health Issues’. I had to stop when I found myself googling the phrase ‘pictures of dogs that got run over’. At that point I began to become concerned with my own issues and decided some things are best left unsaid (or just shortened and shoe-horned into the first few sentences of this post instead).

I’ve had a Berocca, some flapjack and am now calm. What also helped me regain some semblance of peace was the supremely pleasant Melody’s Echo Chamber.

Paris has never sounded so good. You don’t agree? Listen again, at first it may seem like the musical equivalent of a nice but pointless herbal remedy but Crystallized is much more than that, let it stew for a while and then sip again.

Even if you’re not a fan we can at least all agree it’s better than Pudsey.

What? You don’t agree? YOU LIKE THE DOG!?



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