We don’t talk enough about: PS I Love You

Today I intend to get my hair cut. At present I look like a cross between an early 60s Beatle and Stig of the Dump. A trim is well overdue. Also, overdue is some half-decent, punchy, ear harrasingly good indie/alternative rock music.

Everything these days is ‘post’ something; post-punk, post-indie, yada, yada, blah, blah… This hacks me off (admittedly in a relatively mild way, like when you realise that bogey you thought you’d picked is encrusted into your beard). ‘Post’ suggests that the period/era before is over, defunct. I say boo to this. Boo. Punk can live on, Rock music can survive, guitars are still the future.

Proving this with some aplomb are the Ontario duo PS I Love You. Their second album (all the yank blogs call this a ‘sophomore’ album. Stop it. It sounds dumb) Death Dreams is out now on Paper Bag Records. I’ve not heard all of it but I’m a big fan of the following two tracks bouncing around the interweb: