Ditt Inre – Månljus (saknad)

Today I took one of my daughters to feed some chickens, ducks and various other farmyard cretins. There was an incident. It’s a little shameful to retell but we’re all friends here right? You don’t mind do you? Good.

Well, we were feeding the chickens, roosters, rabbits etc with some handy feed purchased from the farm shop when a flock of pigeons arrived. The pigeons started to ‘crowd us’, my daughter got a bit agitated so I tried to shoo the pigeons, sadly in my moment of parental angst I trod on one of the aforementioned winged pests. Not cool. Wings flapped, feathers spilled and a strange demonic voice squelched from underneath my foot. It was all ok in the end (I think). Sorry Mr Pigeon.

This whole incident left me somewhat flustered. Fortunately, for all the flustered souls out there, you can always relax yourself with Swedish Electronica.

We first highlighted Swedish Electronica with the superb World Tour and we’re back for more but this time with Ditt Inre.

Ditt Inre hail from Stockholm and produce what’s best described as ‘oddball relaxtronica’. It’s kind of world music, meets Kraftwerk for an evening of mild prescription narcotics. Party on.

Their EP En Värld I Brand which is out on the 29th May on Cascine (digital only). Enjoy the free download of Månljus below: