We don’t talk enough about: Cold Specks

Back in October the highly respected Guardian web column New band of the day asked this question of Canadian artist Cold Specks: This Canadian blues wailer should appeal to retro maniacs and period fetishists, but can she actually write a decent song?

Well, Mr Guardian and chums, you have your answer – Blank Maps:

Not bad eh?

There are some songs that just arrest the listener, they stop you in your tracks and remind you that music can be, well… beautiful. That sounds lame I know, but Cold Specks will garner far more sycophantic and weak assed, soppy tributes than that. And if you take a journey through her back catalogue it’s not difficult to understand why such plaudits and praise are raining in. Canadian blues has never sounded so good.

Not convinced? Well then you didn’t listen properly to that last track did you? Fool. Listen again, do it, do it now half wit.

Holland ain’t bad either:

Winter Solstice: