We don’t talk enough about: Wave Machines

I remember my first experience of a Wave Machine. I was a wee lad of 8 or 9 and we visited a brand new swimming pool in Bracknell. It had a pirate ship, big waves and hundreds of hyperactive children. I remember it so clearly because they’d miscalculated the amount of chlorine in the water and a bunch of people got sick. I also remember getting home just in time to watch the A-Team. Good times.

With the most tenuous of links I’ll now move seamlessly onto today’s favourite new band – Wave Machines.

Wave Machines are from Liverpool and have never poisoned anyone with chlorine (to our knowledge) and they sadly don’t own a pirate ship. However, they do already have one stellar album up their sleeves Wave If You’re Really There which was released back in 2009. And now they’re back.

They have a new album in the pipeline and to get us all ‘yippee’ they’ve let slip the spanktacular Counting Birds: