Wye Oak – I Hope You Die

I’m sitting here in my designated chair in the Listening Room at SGTMT Headquarters, listening to three tracks from Baltimore’s Wye Oak and it’s becoming clear they are a band I haven’t investigated nearly enough.

Three albums and an EP into their career, they seem to have a perfect grasp of how to mix folk with a dash of pop sensibilities and the twin vocals of Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack compliment each other so well. I’ve got some catching up to do.

I Hope You Die in particular has really got a hold of me – it’s so subdued but it feels like it’s battling to hold something fiercer back. Wonderful work.

All Tomorrow’s Parties are offering I Hope You Die as well as Take It In and Civilian for free download; a track from every Wye Oak release apart from their debut If Children LP. Take a listen below, click the button to download and if you like the sound then it’s only right to go buy the release I suppose. Perhaps this Saturday for Record Store Day?

Find out more about Wye Oak here. It looks like I’m going record shopping again.