Becoming Real – Snow Drift Love

April 12, 2012


I was sure we posted this tune from the fast-maturing Becoming Real about a month ago, but I must have dreamt it. We’re not ones to discard something just because it’s not THE FRESHEST THING ON THE INTERNET THIS MOMENT though, so it still goes in!

This slowly-building head-nodder is Snow Drift Love, free to download below:

We’ve posted two great tunes from Becoming Real before but his sound seems to be maturing at a fast pace. Smoother, more restrained and subtle. It’s sounding excellent to us. He’s also delivered this tasty remix of CYMBALSNo Bad Decisions. Another one you can download:

This chap is really turning into one to keep an eye on. Do so on this social network or this cloud in the sky.

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