Mr Little Jeans – Runaway

April 7, 2012

PUBLIC INFORMATION ALERT: If you’re looking for an interesting, coherent and informative review of Runaway the latest release from Mr Little Jeans (aka Monica Birkenes) we strongly suggest you stop reading now. None of what follow bears any resemblance to a reasoned and reliable music review. Thanks for visiting.

Back in February we heralded the latest release from Charli XCX as ‘the future of pop music’. I bold claim I know. Less than 10 days later we were at it again, this time World Tour were the ‘future sound of pop’. You can see a pattern emerging here can’t you? I wonder how the next paragraph will begin…

Today SGTMT would like to herald the dawn of a new age, the bright beginnings of a new time and era, a new epoch of musical brilliance, the future of music, no, SOUND itself: Mr Little Jeans.

Now, I’ll be straight with y’all; I don’t really think this is the future of pop music. I’m just tired and bloated after two children’s Easter egg hunts this afternoon. Ok, ok, don’t look at me like that, they never would have eaten all that chocolate anyway *wipes remains of two thousands Cadburys Mini Eggs from face*.

While this blog-post might not trumpet the arrival of a new pop icon (there isn’t any brass on this track), it is a nice little dittie and one of the finer pop tunes of 2012. Good job Norway, fine work Monica.

Mr Little Jeans also spanked up the Suburbs, not bad:

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