Clock Opera – Ways To Forget

You know those spots right? The ones that are just ripe for popping. They start as little red and irritating afflictions. They then flesh out and puss up and then one morning, you awake, and there they are, a now prominent landmark on the landscape of your face. Everyone looks at it and everyone knows there is only one way to deal with it. Not Clearasil, not a good scrub with the flannel, this needs two finger nails, a small amount of pressure and kablooie! The facial aberration becomes a minor piece of av ant-garde art on your bathroom mirror.

Right now, Clock Opera are a lot like a big, fat, spot. They’re ripe, ready and waiting for ‘zit pop day’ (also known as album release day) on the 23rd April. Those who’ve had the privilege to listen to Ways To Forget know there is no stopping this one. Once this hits the public domain it’s gonna make a mess, puss everywhere.

Now, we’ve posted before on SGTMT about the failings of ‘Hype’, we’ve even written that hype itself is over-hyped. However, sometimes, just sometimes, the hype is justified (think Lionel Messi). I’m saying this because over the next few months, as the puss hits the mirror, you’re gonna hear & read a lot of hype about Clock Opera. If you’re a gnarled old cynic like me this might put you off them but put that aside and embrace the genius of Ways To Forget. It’s just magical.

You’ll know the hype is on the money approximately 2 mins 57 secs into the 3rd track 11th Hour. You’ll probably already be familiar with the opening tracks Once And For All (below) and Lesson No.7 (both previously released) but sandwiched between those two and other singles (Man Made & Belongings) 11th Hour stands tall as ‘just’ an album track, but a truly brilliant one. Wonderfully the whole album is littered with tracks just like this, sublimely and effortlessly brilliant. This will be at the top of everyone’s favourite albums of 2012, this will win awards, this will sell shed loads. Too much hype? I don’t care, this album is just too good. I can’t stop listening to it. LOVE IT.

Calm down… deep breath… and relax.

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Man Made:

Once And For All:

As further proof of the genius of Clock Opera they regularly release incredible remixes. Here is one: