Breton – Other People’s Problems

Bre-ton or Bret-on? That’s the fundamental question that must first be addressed. How do we pronounce their name? Anyone? No? Ok, I’m calling them Gary then. I can say that.

We’ve been following Gary (Breton) for a while now, in fact this is our 9th post featuring them. FANS!

Experience of the band suggests that listening to Breton is sometimes like listening to an angry Dalek have a prolonged cardiac arrest. In a good way though… You see they merge a sort of gothic, disgruntled, scrunched up electronic mish-mash with guitars, vocals and the normal indie treats. It’s good.

Other People’s Problems
is their debut album which plops in the shops on the 26th March. If you’ve followed Breton at all the album will hold few surprises. You’ll be familiar with The Commission and Edward The Confessor but probably the highlight is Interference (video below), a towering, punchy digital anthem.

I won’t do song by song account of the album, I’ve eaten too many fig rolls this morning to care for that sort of detailed reenactment. I will say that you must listen to this album in a nice fat stereo system. The album is a bit like a rabid dog; just let it bark at you through puny iPhone earphones and it could quickly seem shrill and annoying, but let it loose on some big gun speakers and it will rip you to shreds. Glorious.