College feat. Electric Youth – A Real Hero

Occasionally, as a special treat, Team SGTMT are taken on a trip to the movies.

It doesn’t happen very often so when we do go it’s a real event. We dress up smart, comb our hair and try and look like we fit in with the rest of the movie-going public. We’re allowed popcorn, but we’re not allowed to throw it. We’re never allowed those trays of nachos though, because the sauce has been sitting in that vat for weeks and looks unhygienic.

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to go and see a movie called Drive. It was too violent for us, they said. We weren’t allowed to see any of the Terminator or Predator movies for the same reason. Legally Blonde was fine.

Because we missed out on Drive we also missed out on this wonderful record from College featuring Electric Youth from its soundtrack, which we instead discovered by chance in a pub in north London last night:

Wonderful 80’s chic from two artists who pay homage to that era so well. It’s probably for the best we weren’t in the theatre when that was playing, we’d have been ejected for dancing in the aisles, like Back To The Future-gate (“Don’t need moneyy! Don’t need faaame! Don’t need no credit card to ride thisss…” “OUT!“)

There’s lots more to discover from these two. Here’s Right Back To You by Electric Youth (pictured above):

And Divided Loyalty by College:

Keep an eye on Electric Youth here and on College here. (Though neither site has a picture of a monkey playing the piano to a parrot like ours does, it’s worth noting.)

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