Keep an eye on… Poliça

March 18, 2012

We didn’t make the trip over to Austin, Texas for the SXSW music business knees-up this year, despite the fact the mother of one of Team SGTMT lives nearby. It is of course Mothering Sunday today and she’d have loved a visit. Sorry Mum.

There was a man to see about a dog on this side of the pond, you see, so both she and SXSW had to do without us this year. They’ll understand. It was a really nice dog.

One band we’re gutted we did miss, though, is Poliça who have been causing quite a stir over there. We’d completely missed the four-piece from Minneapolis, true to form, so now we find ourselves in that glorious stage where we’ve discovered a new artist we love and have found that there’s quite a bit of material to get stuck in to as well. Happy days!

Poliça’s band make-up is quite interesting: they have two drummers. I haven’t made my mind up if that’s a good thing though. The mesmerising, effect-laden vocals of Channy Moon Casselle have enraptured us, her band deliver an interesting canvas for it and sometimes those two drummers add to the sound and work really well. Other times it’s a mess. Those snares often aren’t quite in time and my OCD starts twitching.

See what you think, This is Lay Your Cards Out (amazing, but contains some mess):

Wandering Star is awesome too (contains no mess):

Gosh, I adore that one.

Keep an eye on Poliça at their Soundcloud (they only have 300 or so followers at the moment? That’s not right, get on it!) Or at their website.

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  1. Martha Hopkins says:

    The two drummers are a good thing—at least at a live show. Really enjoyed them at SXSW.

    • Tom Careless says:

      We need to get ourselves along to a live show and check it out don’t we? I’m pretty jealous of you seeing them there. Did you drop in and see my Mum too?
      Thanks for the comment Martha!

  2. Kate says:

    Can also check out a great in-studio session here: http://kdhx.org/music/live-performances/polica-2/28/12. :)