SpectraSoul – Light In The Dark

March 16, 2012

An interesting thing to note about drum n bass producers SpectraSoul is that they have never, ever, been seen in public without their trademark headwear. Dave sports a flatcap, in homage to the Last of the Summer Wine television series which he adores, and Jack wears an off-white cap which was a gift to him as a child from rap superstar Vanilla Ice whom he met at an in-store signing session.

SpectraSoul have forged a reputation for wonderful drum n bass production and are firm SGTMT favourites. We’re eagerly awaiting their debut LP, forthcoming on the Shogun Audio label this summer, and they’ve released a video for the first single to be taken from it; Light In The Dark which features vocals from Terri Walker. This is what they say about it:

As anyone who has ever listened to our music knows, we strive to produce a wide variety of forward thinking, experimental yet accessible bass driven music — something that we think this release exemplifies.

We’re really looking forward to that LP now.

Light In The Dark is released on 16th April. Pre-order it here. (We made up all that stuff about the hats by the way).

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