Sleigh Bells – March 2nd Manchester Academy 2

I was pumped for this gig. Sleigh Bells have to be the definition of a hype band. They get significant amounts of Hipster attention and I expected a cracking live show that would live long in the memory.

There was only one problem, they were crap. Resolutely crap. We were hit by a large and loud wall of crap. Even the occasional good bits were tainted with crapness.

In SGTMT offices (a small shed in the mind of my kid brother) we went through a Sleigh Bells phase. We did. We liked them, maybe a small part of us still likes them. So this gig experience was a crushing blow.

Let me get a few things off my chest.

Being loud is not a great innovation in rock. Bands have been loud since Ug and his mate UgUg started smashing rocks against the skulls of dead goats until Ugs mum (Ugettea) told them to “turn that crap down”. Loud is not new. I have nothing against loud but if that is the only innovation you can muster up then please…..just……stop.

Why do Sleigh Bells need two guitarists on this tour? Is the riff work particularly complex? Could we tell what the two guitarists were doing? Could we heck.

When your two guitarists wander off for a couple of songs leaving the lead singer to yodel along on her own all you have IS KAROKE. Thats right, Sleigh Bells are the loud Ting Tings. Does that sound depressing to you? Yes it does.

Now because I have written about sliegh bells, music blog convention would dictate that I must put some of their music up but I don’t want to. I just don’t.

So instead listen to River Jumpers. They are small band, who write good songs and are probably fantastic live. Unlike Sleigh Bells who were crap.