Blu Mar Ten – Last Life In The Universe

Select a lion at random. Any lion will do. That one? That’s your choice? Okay, here are some clippers. Now shave off its mane. I know, I know. They’ve all been fed recently, don’t worry. Well ok just stay away from the mouth then. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Hey, that’s gone pretty well! Nice work. The mane’s totally gone. Now stand back and take a proper look. Looks a bit weird, but it’s still definitely a lion isn’t it?* Don’t argue, it’s still a lion. It is. Come on man. It is!

The exact same scenario happens with some of Blu Mar Ten‘s drum n bass tunes, it’s uncanny (it’s not, but it’s been a long day).

Take away some drums, do something a bit different, and suddenly there are comments springing up all over whatever platform the music is playing on informing the artists that the music they’ve made is very nice but, sorry to break it to you fellas, it’s not actually drum n bass. Bless them.

I’m not really sure of the scientific definition of what makes drum n bass what it is. Tempo is in there. An off-kilter rhythm is in there. Someone shouting “Inside!” is often considered part of its makeup. But take away or tweak a few of these things and it still retains its identity. Here’s Blu Mar Ten’s latest offering. Last Life In The Universe. There are no drums, but it’s drum n bass:

That’s great. I like it when people push the boundaries of a genre, rather than churning out more of what they heard in the club last night. Nice work. Last Life In The Universe is out now as part of the Med School label’s Blood Pressure compilation. It’s packed full of quality, as per usual. Always, Like This from Submerse is another highlight:

That one’s not drum n bass of course. It’s garage. Even if you shave the mane off. You can listen to every track on the album on this snazzy preview site and exchange your money for music here. I promise you no regrets.

*Please disregard at this point any recollection that lionesses don’t have manes, as I had. Thanks.