LIVE: The Jezabels – Audio, Brighton 3rd March, 2012

I’m moving to Australia to start a new life with The JezabelsHayley Mary.

Not really, but spend an hour watching the band’s bundle-of-energy frontwoman throw herself around a stage, mesmerising with the remarkable voice she possesses and you’ll find yourself contemplating the same thing.

Hayley is tiny, but she sure packs a punch. She has charisma, an ability to capture your attention and hold it. She’s as powerful as Florence Welch (with or without her Machine) or Little Dragon‘s Yukimi Nagano. Singers who perform with a band, but capture the attention so much that the crowd’s eyes hardly leave them for a second. She’s quite something.

Taking to the stage in this intimate seaside venue, the black-clad Australian quartet set about delivering a barrage of sure-fire pop hits. Endless Summer sets the scene with the band’s trademark epic synth-and-piano-heavy sound. They dip into their back-catalogue for A Little Piece before getting into their stride with City Girl; all brooding melodies and a voice that would fill a room many times the size.

Mace Spray‘s soaring guitar is irresistible, and Rosebud‘s keyboards coupled with Hayley’s soothing melodies are too much. Its about this time point that I start planning my emigration.

The songs which wear their pop sensibilities on their sleeve stand out most; Try Colour, Endless Summer, Long Highway. Their hooks are irresistible. Long Highway in particular has The Jezabels’ sound distilled; pounding drums, epic lead guitar, an ever-rising pure pop chorus and that voice.

During Hurt Me Hayley’s commanding stage-presence show channels Elvis‘ dancing and that’s it, I’m straight on my phone to book my plane ticket.

Here’s a band whose live show stands up to the quality of their records. A frontwoman who can take her band anywhere she wants. Catch them while they’re still playing venues with a stage you can see without the aid of screens. Be quick.