Post War Years – All Eyes

February 26, 2012

There was a time, a long while ago, where it seemed obvious when we were at war and when we were not. There were clearly defined baddies and equally evident goodies (always us of course). They had guns, we had guns and we battled it out to see who won. Now I’m not arguing that these were the good old days, they certainly weren’t but at least we knew who to be angry with.

Now I don’t know whether we are ‘post war’ or ‘pre war’, or maybe we’re at war right now. Confused. Fortunately when confusion strikes (often in my case) the elixir of music is no more than a soundcloud away and if you’re particularly befuddled about ‘war’ then the Post War Years maybe of assistance (though, of course they won’t, it’s just a name like…).

Post War Years are from Leamington Spa. Yep, not much more to say about that. Back in December they released All Eyes. We liked it at the time but forgot to post about it. Sorry. Recently though I stumbled across the track again and was also gripped by the superb James Yuill remix.

<< add paragraph here of poorly written and pointless hyperbole and sycophancy. Use adjectives liberally. Compare to other equally overhyped artists and The Smiths. You'll look cool if you say they sound like The Smiths >>

So, in summary, we might be at war, it doesn’t really matter anyway, so ignore that and pay attention to the exellent Post War Years:

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