Vanguard – Calling U

January 18, 2012

How do you discover new music?

It warms the deepest cockles of my heart that the messages we get suggest it’s these very pages for some of you! That’s special. (You should know that once a month the SGTMT team meet in the Boardroom at the SGTMT Headquarters and chat about that fact, then share a group hug. It’s what keeps us going.)

Personally, I have a system. I check a load of certain different places every day and something almost always plops out to satisfy my constant craving for new music. I’m looking for something that will grab me and be my new best musical friend for a while. Something that makes me say “Oh! Wow.”

Now this system works a treat. I’m always finding great new tunes to stuff in my music treat bag, I couldn’t be happier. From time to time however, as it has for the last few days, I look into the portal and… NOTHING OF NOTE PLOPS OUT! The foolproof system has failed me! Miserably!

What to do in this desperate situation? What to do? Turn to a friend of course! They’re always here to help a brother. Today’s cry for help was answered with the absolute gem below.

Look at the photo of Vanguard above. Consider that the duo are from Cardiff. Imagine what they sound like. Then be surprised as they deliver this 80’s tinged Miami-Vice-style house funk workout, Calling U:

It’s free to download too! Today has been an overwhelming success. Onwards!

Head over to Vanguard’s Soundcloud for more treats.

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One Comment

  1. I know our hugs are special but did we really need to share that photo of us?
    At least I was wearing my best shirt.