The Brit Awards will eat your soul

The Brit Awards are fundamentally evil.


Pure horror.

Artistic sin.


Is it the music? Not especially. PJ Harvey has been nominated for Let England Shake and I love that album.

Is it the corporate sponsorship? I don’t think so. Corporate Sponsorship taints everything it touches but it touches so much art now that to boycott corporate sponsorship is to boycott art. Anyway I am pretty sure that this blog has a few adverts on so I cannot moan too much.

Is it because I hate all mainstream music and I am hipster indie-kid? No. I am too old to be an indie-kid and my kids do a pretty good job of making sure I am not a hipster (not to mention my distinct lack of style). I don’t begrudge artists mainstream success, that’s ridiculous.

So why do I hate the Brits then?

It’s the backslapping. How can an industry sit down and say “HEY BRITAIN, LOOK WHAT WE DID!! AREN’T WE AWESOME? LLLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE MMMEEEE”

Every. Single. Year.

It is a sales meeting with added booze and vanity.

A small part of your soul will die if you watch it. If you watch it and discover this talented young fella called Ed Sheeran or this wonderful urban artist Jessie J then your soul may already have left you in search of a more useful host.

The Brits are evil because it breeds musical laziness and it is painfully expansionist. We are allowing ourselves to be spoon-fed the industries latest recommendations.

How can you award taste? How can one piece of art be better than the other?

Anyway, Maroon 5 are nominated in the best International Act category.

Kill. The. World.

Written On The Forehead by pjharvey