SGTMT in 2011

Here at SGTMT headquarters we’ve had a mighty fine Christmas. We just can’t drag Tom away from his new chopper, he’s endlessly circling the lounge as I type. Tim has got possibly the worst Turkey hangover known to man, seriously, his turds even have wings at the moment. Finally, poor Luke is stuck doing the washing up but seems perfectly happy listening to Archers repeats.

Sadly our stereo has had no new musical delights over the last week so we’ve got nought new to post. To fill the time we’ve decided to embark on a horribly self indulgent glance back into the SGTMT archives from the last 12 months.

New Music We Liked

The first artist we posted in 2011 was Daughter who featured prominently throughout the year.

Daughter – Love (taken from ‘The Wild Youth EP’) by ohDaughter

In March we were totally enticed by King Creosote and Jon Hopkins:

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Aurora Boring Alias by Jon Hopkins

Throughout the year Tom has been digging out some DnB, Dubstep and other Electronica delights. Including Frederic Robinson:

Frederic Robinson – Mood Swings by Frederic Robinson

One Year Old

In September we celebrated our first birthday with a compilation of original (mostly) tracks split onto Side A & Side B. It included this from Funeral Suits:

Funeral Suits – Colour Fade by Soundsgoodtometoo

Favourites of 2011

One our favourite acts of 2011 has to be the splendid The Jezabels. Still can’t wait to get my hands on their album which doesn’t land in the UK till 2012

The Jezabels – Try Colour by PIAS Entertainment

In March Clock Opera dropped perhaps our favourite single of 2011. Still love it:

Belongings by moshi moshi music

Finally, we closed the year off with our albums of the year nominated by Matt and then Tom. We’ve struggled to agree on our joint favourite but you’ll have to go some to beat SBTRKT in 2011:

SBTRKT – Wildfire by NME Radar

Ill-informed Opinions

2011 has been littered with numerous instances of our knickers getting thoroughly twisted. First we got all animated about Radiohead, then we spotted the MOR in the rotting core of Cold War Kids.

We calmed down for a while and then in June Tim got all red faced and wrote a letter to Dave Grohl. He’s still not replied…

Tim also got angry (a recurring theme) about Loutallica and then I got all apocalyptic about music blogging.

A to Z of Music Blogs

In 2011 we completed the now legendary A to Z of Music Blogs and along the way discovered some great tunes like this over on No Modest Bear:

Taragana Pyjarama – Ocean by Taragana Pyjarama

See you in 2012.