Accidental Black Metal

I have a confession to make. I work for a church. I do. Music blogging is not exactly a cash cow so in order to buy food and stuff I work for a church (I am being a touch flippant, I love my job).

A certain lifestyle is expected of people who work for a church. They are not exactly written into the job description but there are many behaviours that would be frowned upon that usually go unsaid. Fairly high on that unwritten list of expectations is to avoid attending gigs that maybe fund raisers for the dark lord Beelzebub (distant cousin of Simon Cowell). I am happy to keep this rule as these sort of gigs tend to be fairly unimaginative, conformist (you’re all wearing black? That’ll show those crazy Christians who’s in charge) and well…a bit rubbish.

Anyhoo, last week I got the chance to see Kvelertak.
Ulvetid by Kvelertak

They are from Norway, they sing in Norwegian and they write some fine hard rock music. Hard rock music is currently about as cool as daytime TV and Kvelertak maybe our last great hope to save rock music from self-parody.

So I wander into this gig at the Roadhouse in Manchester. We quickly discover that there is a 9 o’clock curfew. The support band who’s name I didn’t catch were fantastically punk and really very good indeed until I realised they were singing about Satan. It was an comfortable 10 minutes for this minister of religion!

Kevertrak came on and they sang in Norwegian. This gave me the opportunity to interpret the lyrics in what ever way I wanted. I am pretty convinced that they singing about their desire to settle down, have a family, open a pet store and become upstanding members of there local community. Yeah. Absolutely.

Mjød by Kvelertak

Regardless of there religious persuasion (Anglican?) they were incredible. A six piece that was incredibly tight and they had some pop undertones to there riffing. Black Sabbath, AC/DC and any number of bluesy hard rock bands seemed to influence them.

Blodtørst by Kvelertak

See them live while they are still playing dingy little clubs. Soon they will graduate.