Trophy Wife – Deaf Institute Manchester

The deaf institute in Manchester is one of my favorite venues. The top floor makes you feel a little like you have gone back in time to some strange shrunken post war dance hall and it sounds great as well. The capacity cannot be much above 200 people and when it’s packed it is wonderful.

Trophy Wife had the difficult task of filling this room on a Monday night without a great deal of name recognition. So they had a crowd of 50 or 60 people and yet they still worked it. Trophy wife are a four piece that consists of one keyboardist, one guitarist/singer, another guitarist and a tasmanian devil. That’s right, a real life tasmanian dancing satan of their very own. He way also have been playing electric drums but he moved about so quick it was hard to tell.

I was not familiar with there stuff but Trophy Wife were engaging from start to finish. It was an intriguing mix of dance music, pop and some imaginative guitar playing. They had some genuine good songs as well and it seemed to me that they were more confident with the newer stuff. As they should be. They vaguely remind me of Hot Chip with a hint of indie schmindie thrown in (indie schmindie is a real genre. I did not just make it up. Shut up).

The guitarist/singer dude really could play the guitar and he constantly added texture and depth to some very sweet pop music. His voice wasn’t the strongest but the melody came through clearly and…..dammit…I loved that freakin drummer.

Trophy Wife – Canopy Shade (Produced by Plaid and Trophy Wife) by trophywifeband

Trophy Wife – White Horses by trophywifeband