We don’t talk enough about: Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit have been pleasing my ears (through music I mean, not weird stroking or anything) for a number of years but oddly we’ve never featured them on SGTMT. Shame on me. Once I spotted their latest EP I realised that I must at once rectify my foolish error.

The Scottish indie folk/rock types have delivered three superb albums including my personal fav The Midnight Organ Fight featuring the sublime Good Arms vs. Bad Arms. Fortunately they’re by no means finished and have released a 3 track EP for FREE. Yep, you heard me; free. Crumbs. Just join their mailing list and away you go.

Because they’re super nice guys you can also stream the three tracks courtesy of the music vehicle SoundCloud. Listen below:

Scottish Winds by Frightened Rabbit

Fuck This Place by Frightened Rabbit

The Work by Frightened Rabbit