We don’t talk enough about: Ripperton

I’m familiar with Swiss DJ and producer Ripperton from last year’s Niwa LP but I’ve explored a little more and it turns out he has been making some simply awesome music since then that I’ve been totally missing out on.

This is his remix of Another Lost from Emptyset feat. Cornelius Harris:

It’s the soulful piano that does it for me, and the spoken word passage – I’ve listened to it on repeat the last couple of days. Except the times when I’ve been listening to his Random Violence, that is:

Again it’s the soulful aspect that grabs me. I love deep house music which soothes the soul. That endless rolling piano, the little cymbal shuffles and intricate percussion, the way it takes me on a journey and isn’t just about working up to a drop. I especially love that little woodwind sound at 2:17 and 3:12 which sounds so intimate (and reminded me instantly of the wonderful refrain at 3:45 in Bonobo’s Silver, if you like obsessing over the little details as much as I do).

He takes us down even deeper with his downtempo remix of Ven Hai’s Dernier Amour:

That is properly sombre isn’t it? Nice passage with the bells from 6:14 particularly.

Here’s a man who’s able to make seriously tender, infectious and human music out of electronic equipment, and someone I’m going to start following a little closer from now on.

Ripperton’s next release is a mini-LP due on Systematic Recordings next month. Listen to the clips here and keep an eye on what he’s up to on his website.