We don’t talk enough about: Simian Mobile Disco

Those regular readers of SGTMT (Hey Tom & Tim) will be fully aware that on Saturday evenings my habit is to watch Match of the Day, drink Whisky and scour the almost infinite world of music blogs searching for ‘bangers’.

I’ll admit that this evening’s trawl through the world of music blogs was a largely dull and gloomy expedition. I really don’t want to hear another dark folk / pop twosome or an artrock / chillwave Brooklyn based indie group. There is some terribly boring music around at the moment (I blame Bon Iver). Musicians of the world, awake from your stupor, the world needs you.

Fortunately my search wasn’t totally in vain as I stumbled across the excellent Cougar Microbes who offered up this beaut from Simian Mobile Disco called (for no discernible reason) Gizzard (buy it on iTunes).

Gizzard by Simian Mobile Disco

Simian Mobile Disco have been around for a few years now and have two albums under their belt but nothing in the shops since 2009. All us at SGTMT hope that’s about to change, here is one reason why: