SGTMT Birthday Mixtape – Side B

Birthday Mixtape – Side B by Soundsgoodtometoo

To celebrate the first birthday of Sounds Good To Me Too we’ve worked with some of our favourite artists and record labels to bring you a Birthday Mixtape. Yesterday we released Side A and today, unsurprisingly, we bring you Side B.

Y Luv
We featured Y Luv a few months back and are big fans. We’re thrilled to have this exclusive download for our mixtape. Thanks to Steph at Planetary Group for this one.

Y Luv – Feel Sound by Soundsgoodtometoo

The Heart Strings
This North London based gang have kindly let us have a non album track to exclusively giveaway. Watch out for this lot in the future. Thanks to Paul at Grandpa Stan.

The Heart Strings – One Fish Sea by Soundsgoodtometoo

Hella Better Dancer
I’m fairly sure this wonderful London based band are still unsigned. People with power put a stop to this now! We’re big fans having featured them a while back and we’re so grateful to them for specially recording a new version of Last Song for us. They literally recorded last week so it’s hot off the press.

Hella Better Dancer – Last Song (Home Version) by Soundsgoodtometoo

It’s a privilege to have the excellent Pree on this mixtape. This is an exclusive download for SGTMT. Thanks again to Heidi and the crew at Paper Garden Records.

Pree – Lemon Tree by Soundsgoodtometoo

This lot are another London based (the third on Side B) and another who’ve featured before on SGTMT. They’ve got a bright future ahead. Big thanks again to Rhianon at 9PR.

Strangers – In Chaos (Paper Crows Remix) by Soundsgoodtometoo

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