SGTMT Birthday Mixtape – Side A

Birthday Mixtape – Side A by Soundsgoodtometoo

A year ago today I was still recovering from the Reading Festival and sat at home contemplating that perhaps my musical career was never quite going to happen. It had been over a decade since Brother Jonny and the Monks and I still hadn’t learnt to actually play any instruments. Time to move on. Instead, I decided to instigate the next best thing; a music blog. 2 hours later Sounds Good To Me Too (SGTMT) was born onto

It’s been a crazy ride since then. Tim, Tom and very occasionally Luke have joined in, all ex-customers of the Sounds Good To Me Too independent record store that once existed in Bedford Town Centre. We’ve written 368 posts, journeyed through an A to Z of music blogs and got cross about a few things here and here.

To mark our first anniversary we’ve worked with a number of our favourite bands and record labels to pull together some EXCLUSIVE downloads to form a SGTMT Birthday Mixtape. We’ve split it into Side A & Side B (to come tomorrow).

On Side A we have:

Funeral Suits
We featured these guys earlier this week. Funeral Suits are from Ireland and are bound to break the big time soon. We’re privileged to be able to giveaway Colour Fade which has been plugged by Steve Lamacq & Zane Lowe amongst others. We’re the first site EVER to be able to offer it as a free download but only for the next 48 hours! Thanks to Ollie at Top Button Digital for sorting this for us. Get it while it’s hot.

Funeral Suits – Colour Fade by Soundsgoodtometoo

The City And Horses
We Will Never Be Discovered is the title track from their new album. Again this is an exclusive download to SGTMT. Thanks to Heidi and the team at Paper Garden Records for this one.

The City And Horses – We Will Never Be Discovered by Soundsgoodtometoo

Paul Cook & The Chronicles
Permission is another exclusive download for SGTMT, we think this version of the song is totally new as well. Paul Cook & The Chronicles are definitely worth checking out, a sublimely bliss song writer. Thanks to Paul at the Grandapa Stan label for sorting this.

Paul Cook & The Chronicles – Permission by Soundsgoodtometoo

This track has been about for a few months but hasn’t had a whole lotta play. Which is sad as it’s an absolute beaut from the unsigned Perendiz. Have a listen.

Perendiz – Work It Out by Soundsgoodtometoo

Beau and the Arrows
Another exclusive download from Beau and the Arrows. We’ve featured them before on SGTMT so are thrilled to be able to give this away. Thanks to Rhianon at 9PR for making this happen.

Beau and the Arrows – Calming Effects by Soundsgoodtometoo

Inch Time
Finally on Side A, yet another exclusive to SGTMT download this time from Inch Time. They have an album, The Floating World out now on Mystery Plays Records. This is a remix of one of the album tracks from LA based Languis. Thanks to Seb at Pin Drop for this.

Inch-time – Late Spring (Languis Remix) by Soundsgoodtometoo

Finally, thanks to all the artists featured plus the PR & record label types who’ve worked behind the scenes to help us out.