Video from Reading & Leeds 2011

Watching ‘live’ performances on the TV or Internet is a bittersweet experience. You feel pleased that you don’t have to miss out but at the same time you’re made even more aware how much you’re missing out.

You can relax on the sofa, rather than stand for seemingly unending, back aching hours. You can crack open a beer not purchased for £4.50. You can stay dry with no fear of British weather falling from the sky or British teenage urine falling from a passing beer can / urinal.

However the home-comforts are no match for the simple pleasure of ‘being there’. I won’t forget seeing the exceptional Arcade Fire performance at Reading last year but the Nirvana DVD from Reading 92 won’t prove as memorable despite the show being equally impressive. Live has to be live, everything else is a poor second best.

So with much fan fare I bring you all the best of the second best, or for those fortunate to have been there an opportunity to relive it again. Thanks to the BBC for more ace festival coverage.