We don’t talk enough about: We Were Promised Jetpacks

Tomorrow’s World disappointment; a common sickness amongst British twenty/thirty somethings. The TV show promised a future of AI, Robots and Jetpacks. Annoyingly Robots can’t even hoover my living room and the only people allowed Jetpacks are surely the sort of nut jobs who really shouldn’t be permitted to toy with rockets and human beings.

To date we’ve not rebelled against the BBC. We’ve kept our disgruntlement simmering under the surface but it was surely only a matter of time before some standard bearers arose and the people finally found their voice. We Were Promised Jetpacks are… well, they’re probably not a crazed right wing, anti-BBC revolutionary political unit but they are a might fine indie rock band.

I’d forgotten about these Edinburgh chaps until I stumbled across them whilst browsing the excellent Tympanogram blog. Their first album (These Four Walls) didn’t quite get the attention I felt it deserved and included some outstanding tracks including Quiet Little Voices below:

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices by Elevator Hijack

Pleasingly, they’re back and they’ve delivered a slow burning, dramatic and quite perfect anthem in Act On Impulse. We look forward to In the Pit of the Stomach the new album which arrives in October.

We Were Promised Jetpacks “Act On Impulse” by GrillMarketing