Saved by Fat Mike

In a musical sense my teenage years started badly. My Dad and my Aunt took me to see Dire Straits. We went to a horrible athletics track in the North East of England and sat through Lyle Lovett, Was Not Was (actually not bad!) and then Dire Straits. If you took this is as a snap shot of my musical life then you would put me out of my misery by taking me out back and beating me to death with my own shoes. Thankfully it doesn’t end there.

18 months after that fateful gig, me and my friends Jon and Wolfy (that is his real name) went to see a band called NoFX. At the back of the gig they were selling a CD called “Fat Music For Fat People”, this CD absolutely changed my life.

This memory came rushing back a few days ago when I discovered a Fat Wreck Chords Soundcloud account.

So, thanks Fat Mike

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Country Roads by Fat Wreck Chords

Dead To Me: A Day Without a War by Fat Wreck Chords

Mad Caddies: Tired Bones by Fat Wreck Chords

Punk is not exactly cool at the moment but neither am I and this is my freakin blog.