We don’t talk enough about: Beirut

Yesterday two thirds of SGTMT headed to London’s Hyde Park to watch Arcade Fire, with support from Owen Pallett, The Vaccines, Beirut and Mumford & Sons.

In traditional style we dawdled too much and missed Owen Pallet and The Vaccines. Mumford & Sons were actually entertaining for three songs before SGTMT realised we wouldn’t be able to stomach a full 70 minutes of the same tune and left to catch Arcade Fire and Spike Jonze’s Scenes From The Suburbs film in the cinema tent instead, along with some of the spiciest Chinese food known to man (we considered calling an ambulance).

Arcade Fire themselves put on a great show. Unfortunately, it was quiet as a mouse. One third of SGTMT spent most of the set wandering Hyde Park trying to find a speaker to stand directly behind and has decided to wipe the show from their memory and instead treasure the experience of hearing the band rip the roof off London’s O2 Arena last year. We’ve always thought the band were supposed to be louder that the people talking in the crowd? The premiere of Speaking In Tongues, set for release on the deluxe version of The Suburbs in August was a treat though.

Anyway, the point of all this is to say that Beirut were absolutely splendid. This is a band we haven’t paid much attention to in the past and what a mistake that’s turned out to be. The 6 piece band’s horn-rich sound was perfect for the occasion, but we could listen to those arrangements anywhere. We are heading to the shops today to buy up Beirut’s entire back catalogue, starting with these highlights from the show, and we suggest you do too.


Elephant Gun:

A Sunday Smile:

Yesterday’s show was the first of a tour to support the release of The Rip Tide LP which is out on August 30th. SGTMT plan to catch them again when they swing by London in September.