We don’t talk enough about: Lagwagon

It’s almost Monday morning again. Back to work already. Sigh. I need something for the early morning rat-race that’s going to shake me up.

I’m going with Lagwagon.

If I’m honest, I often go with Lagwagon. They always get me ready for the day and no mistake. Ever since a fellow SGTMT writer introduced me to them as a small boy they have been one of the bands I treasure most. Mainly I love how earnest Joey Cape’s vocal delivery is. It sounds like he really means it. I could listen to him plead with me all day.

The Santa Barbara five-piece have been playing a heady mix of punk rock with pop sensibilities since 1988 but are currently on hiatus. They’re apparently halfway through writing album number eight. It’s been six years since their last one though, so I’m not holding my breath.

Thanks for making the rat race bearable fellas. Come back soon, please.