When Charades Attack

Charades is not a nice game. It produces pain, suffering and marriage problems. Children cry, animals get kicked, furniture gets destroyed and dignity slowly backs out of the room. So next time someone suggest a game of charades make for the exits, seriously break out of that place. No good can come from that scenario.

If, however, charades gets sprung on you, or if you show weakness and allow the game to suck you in a little then I have a strategy. You want to know what it is? Find a happy place.

A place in your brain where you can retreat to and the real world disappears into the background. You know what that happy place always needs? A sound track.

Tonight the sound track to my happy place was all of the below.

Dance More by The Dogs

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Black Bubblegum by bnplummer

Their Calling by Bravestation

If you are trying to mime “United Kingdom” and have resorted to shrugging your shoulders and mumbling “I don’t know, can’t we play something else?” then try this –