Look! he jumps!
The Dillinger Escape Plan

This song is with me at the moment. You ever get that? A song just sits in your head and mumbles away until you listen to it. When you listen to it’s like jigsaw pieces falling into place in your head.

Anybody? No? I am a sociopath in waiting? Will I end up moving to the darkest parts of England in search of solitude so I can draw crazy pictures on the walls?

Aaannnnyyyyhhhhooooooo, the idea of Mathrock or any genre that uses an academic subject to describe itself makes me want to punch teddy bears but The Dillinger Escape Plan kick serious ass and Milk Lizard is the nearest thing they have to a conventional rock song. It has a chorus and everything.

Milk Lizard by dillinger escape plan

Farwell, Mona Lisa scares the life out of me but if you don’t like this “song” then you hate music*

Farewell, Mona Lisa by dillinger escape plan

*Not necessarily true but I am in one of those moods where I could start an argument with Mother Teresa (she dressed funny).