A to Z of Music Blogs: Untitled Records

I’ll be honest with y’all, finding a ‘U’ for the A to Z has taken some doing. I’ve trawled through numerous aggregators, blog rolls and twitter lists to find my prey. Nonetheless don’t take that to mean I’ve scraped the barrel and dug out the mold from the bottom, instead I’ve mined the depths discovered a rare gem – Untitled Records

Origin – Untitled Records is based in California and has been on the scene since June 2006 making this blog a true OAP.

Frequency and style – Untitled rolls out it’s posts 7 or 8 times a month so it’s not frequent but this is by no means to it’s detriment. Every post appears well considered and often includes some ace photography.

Platform – WordPress

Music taste – I guess Untitled is probably best described as an indie / lo-fi blog. Don’t expect Thrash Metal or Grime here.

Recent artists covered – Thao & Mirah, Wye Oak, The National, Nostalgia 77 & Josa Peit, The Kills, James Vincent McMorrow

SGTMT verdict – Untitled Records is what I think an actual music blog should be. One writer so one music taste & simple ‘blog style’ design. It’s not masquerading as a music magazine or trying to be Pitchfork or Stereogum. It’s not about world domination and it’s not about traffic, traffic, traffic. It’s just a music blog, plain and simple. Now I’m not knocking blogs that try and be more than this, we here at SGTMT have 4 writers, but a lot of supposed music blogs aren’t actually blogs, not really. Whereas Untitled really is.

Another thing to admire about Untitled is the longevity. Rachel has been at this since 2006. Wow. Seriously no-one read blogs in 2006, on the most part we still brought CDs or Vinyl and Spotify and others were just a twinkle in a techy geeks mind. To start that long ago AND keep going deserves some serious respect.

Of course the big winner for Untitled is not the longevity or pleasingly familiar layout, it’s the sheer brilliant music taste. I guess because this blog doesn’t attempt to post every day it means some more time is taken to posting music that is actually good. I’m sure most of us bloggers regret the tracks we posted, especially in the early days of our various enterprises, just to keep things ticking over. There is nothing to regret on Untitled. Take a browse around and find a new favourite blog.

Honourable mentionunholy rhythms

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