A to Z of Music Blogs: Tympanogram

The galactically renowned A to Z is back and this week we’ve reached ‘T’. This was troublesome, some great blogs begin with this character and mournfully, many were overlooked. Nonetheless we’re super pleased with our winner Tympanogram.

Origin – Tympanogram have been at it since February 2009 and are from Rochester, New York state. I have no idea where that is BUT the Tympanogram chaps have wonderfully created a map of music blogs so all my navigational troubles are over (you see I’m often lost whilst driving to another music blog…)

Frequency and style – It’s not unusual to get 3 or 4 a day from Tympanogram. Another example of blogorrhea? Every post is thoughtful, measured and well written. Don’t expect pointless hyperbole here.

Platform – WordPress

Music taste – It would be easy to simply put Tympanogram down as yet another indie music blog, but there is much more to these chaps than that. Look out for some chillwave/electronica, experimental pop and lots of guitar styled oddities.

Recent artists covered – Young Digerati, Apache Dropout, Laura Marling, Reporter, Paleo, Here We Go Magic

SGTMT verdict – A Tympanogram is some sort of chart reflecting a test of some kind that has something to do with the middle ear. You can clearly tell that a casual glance of Wikipedia has left me entirely in command of the facts. This basically makes this the cleverest named music blog on the planet, most of the rest of us choose something that’s either; comical, obscure or faintly related to music.

Thankfully Tympanogram is more than just a neat name, actually what makes this blog so impressive is it’s impeccable music taste. Most often we end up reading music blogs that closely reflect our own music taste and these guys have mine right down to a ‘T’ (bad, bad pun). They don’t just roll out the big hitters that will get lots of traffic and they seem to ignore the more obscure (i.e. useless) bands that music bloggers get their email inboxes filled up with.

What I also enjoy about Tympanogram is that it looks like a blog. I get frustrated with all those ‘blogs’ that have a hundred different things vying for your attention on their homepage and click-through after click-through to find the content you want. ATTENTION MUSIC BLOGGERS – Stop trying to be Pitchfork / NME / etc. I read them already. I enjoy the familiarity and simpleness of the traditional blog layout, it does need to look good but it doesn’t need to be like the front page of the BBC website.

In short, I love this blog, you should too.

Honourable mentionThose Who Dig

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Here We Go Magic – Hands in the Sky by babycosmo