A to Z of Music Blogs: Sunset in the Rearview

This post was supposed to go live a week ago but we’ve delayed things a little while we waited for the relaunch of the mighty Sunset in the Rearview which takes the ‘S’ spot in our A to Z.

Origin – Sunset in the Rearview has been a firm favourite in the music blogiverse since December 2008. A teenager in blog terms.

Frequency and style – Expect up to 2 or 3 a day from Lydia and team. Also expect passion, music, videos and well chosen words.

Platform – WordPress (recently moved from Tumblr)

Music taste – Sunset has the rare quality of having a very small writing team. This means the blog tends to have a little more personality to it. Some ‘blogs’ have 50+ writers which sort of kills the blog ethos me thinks. Sunset is mainly hip-hop, indie etc.

Recent artists covered – J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Death Cab For Cutie, James Vincent McMorrow, The Apache Relay, e-dubble

SGTMT verdict – I first got hooked with Sunset in the Rearview partly because the editor shares the same name as my middle daughter. This peculiar sense of family affiliation may seem inconsequential but it was enough to get me started on the Sunset. However, what made my keep coming back is an expertly and passionately run blog. Lydia doesn’t mess around with her music and she’s not just churning out song after song for the traffic, she obviously believes in what she’s doing. It’s a real heart on your sleeve blog.

Lydia has gone far beyond most regular blogs and developed something very rare – character. I imagine most blogs get traffic almost exclusively because of the music. ‘No surprise’ I hear you say, and I admit that surely must be what a music blog is all about, however the Sunset is quite different. I would guess that a lot of the Sunset’s readers keep coming back to actually read the blog, perhaps even more so than the music. Crumbs, has Lydia achieved the ‘holy grail’ of music blogging, a blog that people really do read rather than just the usual pattern of visit > listen > download? Wow.

Now, I have to be honest, I’m not a massive hip-hop fan. I enjoy some from time to time and am particularly partial to a bit of Lupe Fiasco or Theophilus London but a lot of it leaves me confused and, well, bored. Sorry folks. Nevertheless, that doesn’t put me off Sunset even though hip-hop is basically Lydia’s staple diet and it shouldn’t put you off either. Read, listen and enjoy.

Honourable mentionSFCritic

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