Daft Punk – Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix)

I’ve been recently listening to Daft Punk and in particular The Tron Legacy Soundtrack. My best advice is to listen to it on your earphones (unless you have an 80s ghetto blaster) whilst marching through a crowded public space, preferably an airport or large train station terminus. Seriously, stomping speedily through Victoria Station listening to Derezzed or The Grid will make you feel like the terminator, and we should all feel like the terminator once in a while, that’s an important life lesson.

I won’t add anything to the Tron Legacy discussion, better writers than me have given it greater consideration and commentary. Albeit, I will say let the album grow on you a little, it perhaps doesn’t hit the heights we still hope from Daft Punk but it is packed with genius. I also won’t say anything extra about this Glitch Mob remix of Derezzed. Just listen:

Daft Punk – Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix) by The Glitch Mob

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