Record Store Day #2: RIP Sounds Good To Me Too

Sometime around 1994 I first made the daunting expedition down the little alley named Clair Court which was tucked away behind Lime Street in Bedford.

Clair Court consisted of just 4 or 5 shops and was basically the closest thing Bedford had to the North Laine of my now home city Brighton. There was a wierd hippy shop selling beads, tye dye shirts and incense; a comic book shop; Planet Clothing packed with overpriced skate gear and Sounds Good To Me Too crammed with records. It was the perfect hideout for acne infested, at odds with the world, self conscious indie teenagers.

I remember my mate James and I clubbing together so we could afford BOTH Radiohead (The Bends) and Terrorvision (Regular Urban Survivors). We then recorded them both onto tape so we had a copy of each, those were the days.

I also got my first vinyl there (other than the stuff I nicked off my dad). I remember getting a great GusGus 12 inch, some terrible These Animal Men (post High Society) and an awful Pecadiloes remix.

Sadly sometime around 98/99 SGTMT was swallowed into Planet Clothing which soon moved out of Clair Court. From this now deceased vinyl cupboard of dreams we half inched the name of our blog and all four of our writers are ex customers of the shop.

It was in SGTMT we discovered punk, indie, breakbeat, drum & bass (read Tom’s excellent 1st article in this brief series about D&B). In SGTMT we also first came across Blink (before the 182), Supergrass, Mansun, DJ Shadow, Fat Music, LTJ Bukem and loads more. RIP Sounds Good To Me Too.

If you want to support Record Store Day then visit your local independent record emporium this weekend and purchase some vinyl, CD whatever. Tons of artists are backing RSD by releasing new tracks, special editions and re-releases including Manchester Orchestra (not the track below):

Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra

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