Record Store Day #1: A life-changing experience.

My local record store was the scene of a life-changing experience for me as a boy.

Stepping through the door of Sounds Good To Me Too, the store which had such a formative influence on us that we went and stole their name, I was greeted by the most amazing sound. My acquaintance behind the counter was playing LTJ Bukem’s Progression Sessions vol. 1, the first in a series of drum n bass mixes showcasing future Good Looking Records releases.

I. Was. Awestruck. This was the sound I’d been looking for, without even knowing it! In fact, it felt like it had found me. I handed cash over immediately.

The purchase was the beginning of a love affair with subtle electronic music and the deepest drum n bass. A journey that would see me buying up records like they were going out of fashion (they’re not, kids), heading to Progression Sessions parties across London, buying 1210’s and taking up mixing in an attempt to copy Bukem’s legendary smooth style, hooking up with a few of the Good Looking artists and writing for the label in exchange for records. (Did I get paid for my work on Earth vol. 7 or the label magazine? No, but it made people think I was cool.)

That record also introduced me to a whole host of producers, labels and club nights from other genres. Imagine if he’d been playing Gloria Estefan’s album, things would have been a lot different. Though the same store I discovered a heap of punk bands, hip hop artists, french disco, electro… the list goes on. It expanded my hungry musical brain.

Support your local record store. Or stuff like this won’t happen to you anymore. Or your kids. Go there now and buy something.